Zomayet module

Zomayet module

Zomayet module

Using a simulation over several hours (from 24 hours to more than 20 days), you can study the hydraulic operation of a meshed pressurised water distribution or transport network and visualise its layout.

The network may include reservoirs (with several possible filling/emptying modes), pumps, flow limiters, pressure stabilisers, motorised valves, pressure reducers and consumption governed by distribution models over the day.

The data required includes all the topography of the network (length, diameter and roughness of pipes, natural ground level for nodes with a fixed flow rate, level of water, invert and overflow, surface area at invert and overflow for nodes with a fixed load) as well as the most accurate possible distribution of consumers on the nodes or served en route.

Pump characteristic curve with operating points calculated by Zomayet


A deterministic model is used to process the data. The results of the calculation give the variations in various values for each node and section over the course of the day: water level in the reservoirs, incoming and outgoing volumes, piezometric levels at consumption points, flow rates in the sections, pump operating hours and their operating point, operation of the various network components, etc...

These results can be displayed either in the form of a table for each time step (1 min to 1 h) for the entire network, or in the form of a table for the whole day for each section and node, or in the form of curves showing variations in the various values over the day for each section and node, based on the network diagram.

Variation in reservoir level over 24 hours calculated by Zomayet


Modification date: 29 October 2023 | Publication date: 28 October 2023 | By: INRAE | S. Sabatié