Quality module

Quality module

The Quality module simulates changes in solute concentration across the network as a function of time and space.

Chlorine is the most widely used solvent, ensuring the bacteriological quality of the water in the network. While too low a concentration of chlorine can make the water unfit for consumption, too high a quantity can cause discomfort to customers, so it is essential to manage injections correctly in order to optimise concentrations.

This module takes into account the legitimate expectations of subscribers, who now demand that the operator provide water of impeccable quality as well as avoiding hydraulic problems.

Monitoring changes in chlorine concentration at nodes


The Quality calculation is used to assess the quality of the water in the network and to optimise the quantities injected and/or the position of the injection points. This calculation is based on reaction kinetics and assumes that the mixtures at each node are perfect. Concentrations are calculated from hydraulic data obtained using the Zomayet module.

Three types of results are provided: the concentration of a conservative or reactive product, the age of the water and the source of the water. The results can be displayed either in table form for each time step (5 minutes to 1 hour) for the entire network, or in table form for the whole day for each section and node, or in the form of curves showing variations in the various values over the day for each section and node, based on the network diagram.

Chlorine concentration at a network node with measured values


Modification date: 29 October 2023 | Publication date: 28 October 2023 | By: INRAE | S. Sabatié