PORTEAU software

PORTEAU software

Porteau is a software for modeling networks of distribution or of transport with water under pressure. For 25 years, it will be improved by scientific researches led by GPIE team on Environment, Territories in Transition, Infrastructures, Societies Research Unit at INRAE.

PORTEAU is a tool for modelling the behaviour of a pressurised water distribution or transport network. It is a decision-making aid for sizing and managing a drinking water distribution or supply network.

The graphical interface 

The software's graphical interface is easy to use, and allows the network under study to be diagrammed using sections for pipes and nodes for intersections. These elements are documented in such a way that all the infrastructures present on the network and all the conditions of use can be represented in order to reflect reality as faithfully as possible.

Schematic view of a distribution network (colour settings based on map view)


The main characteristics  

  • display of drinking water distribution networks in background map view,
  • display of drinking water distribution network in schematic view,
  • plotter printing up to A0 format,
  • view and print results in table format or on the network schematic view,
  • display and print results in hydraulic profiles format,
  • export of data and results in spreadsheet format,
  • export results graphs in vector format


List view with the option of classifying nodes and sections according to their respective parameters


Display of results using a hydraulic profile


Modification date: 29 October 2023 | Publication date: 17 June 2022 | By: INRAE | S. Sabatié