Opointe module

Opointe module

The Opointe module can be used to simulate the operation of a meshed drinking water distribution network under peak conditions and to visualise its layout.

The data used is physical data on the nodes and sections (ground level, water level, diameters, lengths), hydraulic data (roughness, domestic or industrial consumption) and subscriber distribution data. It requires knowledge of the opening and satisfaction probabilities of subscribers on the network.

Definition of consumption model parameters 


A probabilistic model is used to process the data and estimate peak flows and pressures at each node.

The results can be displayed either in tabular form, or from a diagram or map view of the network.

Result Opoint on diagram, colour = pressure


Modification date: 29 October 2023 | Publication date: 28 October 2023 | By: INRAE | S. Sabatié