Technical days

Technical days

Two technical days to present the "CASSES" software were held on 15 October 2008 in Bordeaux & 23 October 2008 in Paris.

The "CASSES" team would like to thank the participants for their attention and the quality of the discussions. You will find below the downloadable versions of the presentations as well as the list of participants and the summary of the evaluation of these days.

Files : 

CassesSirocoCriticite (852.5 kB) – Demonstration of the Data/Support/"Criticality" software - SIROCO/

TheorieLeyp (823.3 kB) – Predicting failures in pressurised water pipes

Évaluation JT Casses (29 kB)

Introduction Casses (332 kB) – A tool to help with the asset management of water networks

Liste Présents Paris (809 kB)

Liste Présents Bordeaux (653 kB)

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